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Soul Center U

Choose from a variety of courses listed. Complete them on your own or in a small group format. Perhaps you would like to go to the next level and get a diploma, certificate, or a degree. RiSE Soul Center is a proud member of Christian Leaders which provides free education to over 70,000 students in over 200 nations. 

Overview: This course provides students with a Biblical framework for learning and developing Godly, healthy living skills that promote self-care and community support. Students will learn the foundations of the 12-step recovery process, best practices of conflict management, and how to manage one’s dark side.

Hands Up

Are you interested in keeping your Marriage growing? Does your relationship need a tune-up? Are you a Christian or minister looking for a great resource? 

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Did Jesus intend for churches to have thousands of members? Is bigger better? Did you know that for the first two hundred years of the Christian church, believers met almost exclusively in private homes? 

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The Bible often speaks into the concepts of money, finances, and giving. Do you want to take control of your finances? How can studying this topic help you in your walk with God? How can it help you in your ministry?



Dollar Notes

This mini-course is designed to provide  a comprehensive understanding of spiritual gifts, their relevance to personal ministry and calling, and their application in various aspects of life.

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Are you interested in learning how to build people up? Do you want to elevate your confidence in relating to others? 

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