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"Joy In Prayer"
Receiving Answers

"RiSE Soul Center"
Introduction Video


Managing Your Life
"Managing the Storms of Life"

Are you looking for answers to your prayers? Do you get discouraged or is there doubt when you don't see the answers? I trust this video will bring you joy in your prayers!

Have you realized that God owns all things, including your life? Even though He is the owner of all things, He calls on you to be the manager of that which He gives in your life. That can be frightening as we don't always know how to manage this life well. This channel is here to spur you on in your daily living and teach you how to be the best manager God has created you to be of all that He owns.

Are you struggling in the storms of life? Do you need help? During this 5-minute video learn three valuable tips on how you can manage through the storms of life.



Thanks for taking a moment to check out our website. Once you have spent some time checking us out online, check us out in person. You will find a welcoming group of people in a Spirit led church, with awesome music and relevant messages to apply to your life. Come as you are.


We believe in the Trinity, we believe in spreading the Good News of the Gospel, we believe in being Christ like to those around us, and we believe in being a unified body of God's people serving His purpose. Trinity Evangelical Christian Church 26900 S. Will Center Road Monee, IL. 60449 Sundays at 10:00am


We are so blessed to be called to Trinity Church. We look forward to getting to know the congregation and the community, as we partner with other churches in the area to do the Lord's work. Decisions to visit a church can often be overwhelming, that we understand as we are new also to Trinity. Come be new with us!

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