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RiSE Soul Center

RISE Soul Center exists to assist in the daily managing of the life that the Lord has given us. God owns all things and we are called by Him to be a manager, otherwise known as a steward. The word RISE was chosen for a specific reason. The definition of the word rise is to bring something or somebody to a higher ground. The goal of RISE Soul Center is to bring all who encounter it to a higher level in their life.

R stands for readiness. 

I  stands for intentional. 

S stands for stewardship.

E stands for a life of example others can follow.

Soul Center Offerings


Our YouTube channel is there for a mid-week lift for those who want to be inspired and challenged in their faith. Nearly 58% of Christians find their faith support on social media. This channel is designed to cause followers to grow deeper in being a good steward of all that God has given them.



Helping people to live generous lives, reaching their generosity potentials. Learn how you can have a personal generosity plan created that will reveal your current generosity activities, ministry and generosity dreams, and provide a practical path towards your generosity potential. 



Free Christian education and ministry training. Raising up Christian leaders in the home, the church, and in the community, through the supported educational ministries of the RiSE Soul Center and our connection with Christian Leaders Institute. Bringing each life we encounter to a higher ground. Learn how you can get free Christian education or a ministry Bachelors Degree for less than $3,500! 



As a Steward of relationships, learn how to repair relationships that are damaged. Equipping people to respond to conflict from Biblical principals.

The RiSE Soul Center was established to help people live the life the Lord has called them to live. This starts with an understanding of who God is and all that He owns. From there our aim is to grow followers in the area of Stewardship. Teaching them to be managers of all God gives us. Helping them to learn how to spend the time, talents, and possessions God has given to them. 


  • With the Lord

  • With Others

  • Growing the Faith Community


  • Giving Back to the Lord

  • Using Your Time

  • Use of Gifts & Talents


  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Financial

We do this through courses, training, & online influence. Our long-term goal is to use the 22 acres the Lord has blessed us with to establish training centers. We would love to raise up people in their faith and then place them in their calling. 


We welcome you to contact us to discuss how the RiSE Soul Center can help you with your life and ministry dreams.

If you feel led to donate to the RiSE Soul Center, click the link above. Your receipt will be provided by Trinity Church.
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