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RiSE Soul Center

RISE Soul Center exists to assist in the multiplication of ministry in our country. Our aim is to raise up leaders in the home, the church, and in the community. The word RISE was chosen for a specific reason. The definition of the word rise is to bring something or somebody to a higher ground. The goal of RISE Soul Center is to bring all who encounter it to a higher level in their life.

R stands for readiness. 

I  stands for integrity. 

S stands for servant heart.

E stands for excellence.

Ministerial Offerings

Wedding Officiant  LIMITED OFFERINGS IN 2023

Providing low or no cost weddings to launch Christian marriages without debt. Marriage must align with our Biblical belief of marriage between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:22-25). Weddings are subject to approval and church availability. 

Marriage Ministry LIMITED OFFERINGS IN 2023

Provides pre / post marriage sessions to grow couples together in the Lord

Generosity Plans AVAILABLE NOW  

Helping people to live generous lives, reaching their generosity potentials. These personalized plans will reveal your current generosity activities, ministry and generosity dreams, and provide a practical path towards your generosity potential. 

Free Ministry Training AVAILABLE NOW 

Raising up Christian leaders in the home, the church, and in the community, through the supported educational ministries of the RiSE Soul Center. Bringing each life we encounter to a higher ground. Learn how you can get free Christian education or a Bachelors Degree for less than $3,500! 

Ministry Mentor AVAILABLE NOW

Support the studies and ministries of Christian Leaders Institute students & graduates. Please feel to inquire if you have a desire to receive free ministry training.   

Conflict ResolutionAVAILABLE NOW

Peacefire's mission is to equip people to respond to conflict from Biblical principals.

As part of our work at RISE Soul Center, we want to help Christians to live a life poured out to the Lord and establish more Christian Leaders in our country. We set out to point them in the direction of education (degree & non-degree) that will make a difference in their own personal calling through Christian Leaders Institute. We also want to help them to establish their own Generosity Plan to live out their full potential as it relates to ministry dreams and generosity towards others. We feel the need to create a safe learning environment with mentors on hand to assist where leaders need support.


As a blessed couple in our marriage we understand the importance of having a healthy home life in marriage. We seek to have a strong marriage ministry within the Rise Soul Center. One that offers a low to no cost wedding experience for those looking to be in ministry. Our hope is to eliminate the financial burden of having a nice wedding and do away with the debt often associated with the ceremony. We will offer pre-marital and post-wedding sessions to ensure the marriage is strong from the start.


Our long-term vision would be to develop the RISE City Center. This will be built on the land surrounding Trinity Church. It will have housing units for those Christian Leaders being raised up to be sent out, whether as individuals or married couples. The housing units are to be created to offer a stress-free learning environment eliminating the expenses associated with living while studying. This will be a place for mentors to be housed as well. Mentors who through no fault of their own could use support in living arrangements. All residents of the RISE City Center will be affiliated with Christian Leaders and will either be studying with CL or serving with CL as well as within the community and Trinity Church.


Once raised up, the Christian Leaders will be placed in a ministry that aligns with their ministry dreams, as we properly send them out to do the work of the Lord. 

Jim & Angi Martin


We welcome you to contact us to discuss how the RiSE Soul Center can help you with your life and ministry dreams.

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